Become a Sponsor

The Los Angeles Chapter of Women in Public Finance (“WPF LA”) would like to invite you to support WPF LA’s programs by serving as one of our sponsors.

Purposes of WPF LA include:

  • Broadening opportunities for women in public finance and promote awareness of the industry to women throughout the southern region of California and the Los Angeles metro area.
  • Providing educational and networking opportunities to women in the public finance community.
  • Facilitating the development of careers for women in public finance through mentoring.
  • Facilitating volunteer service opportunities for women in the public finance community.

WPF LA is a nonprofit organization and one of dozens of chapters within a rapidly growing national organization called Women in Public Finance, which seeks to advance women’s leadership opportunities by fostering relationships and providing educational activities and forums. Participants include state and local government issuers, not-for-profit issuers, investment bankers, attorneys, municipal advisors, rating agency analysts, trust officers, and municipal market investors.

WPF LA hosts, co-sponsors, and collaborates on networking and educational events throughout the year. Past events have included:

  • Annual March of Dimes walk, holiday toy drives, and other volunteer service activities.
  • Tours including the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch tour and the Port of Los Angeles boat tour.
  • Networking and other social events and luncheons including the quarterly luncheon. meeting, California Bond Buyer Annual luncheon, networking at the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO) Conference, networking at the Annual Conference of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and end of year holiday celebrations.

Women in Public Finance is a 501c (6) organization, and sponsorship contributions will be used in a manner that is consistent with federal pay-to-play restrictions, as well as restrictions on political activity under federal, state, and local law. WPF does not make any contributions to any federal, state or local candidate, party or political committee. WPF does not make expenditures or engage in any activity to support or otherwise benefit or oppose any federal, state or local candidate, party or political committee.

WPF has not been established and is not maintained, financed or controlled by a national, state, or local party committee or a federal, state, or local candidate or officeholder.

Finally, sponsorship dollars will not be used to pay for any expenses or events that violate applicable gift and entertainment rules for foreign, federal, state, or local officials. Sponsors will receive recognition at WPF Los Angeles events as well as on the WPF Los Angeles website throughout the sponsorship year. Sponsorship funds are used to support events, chapter operating expenses, and philanthropy and mentorship programs.

Co-President Mieke Holkeboer
Co-President Anna Sarabian
Sponsorship Director Shawn Dralle

Please remit sponsorship checks to the attention of:
Tamara Avetisova – WPF LA Treasurer
Financial Analyst, Treasury
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
One Gateway Plaza, M.S. 99-21-2
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Sponsorship Levels

Platinum – $2,500
Recognition at every event throughout the year; recognition on the WPF LA website

Gold – $2,000
Recognition at 3 events during the year; recognition on the WPF LA website

Silver – $1,500
Recognition at 2 events during the year; recognition on the WPF LA website

Bronze – $500
Recognition at one event during the year; recognition on the WPF LA website

Quarterly Meeting Underwriting – $250 – $5,000
Recognition at designated quarterly meeting (including holiday reception); recognition on the WPF

Achievement Scholarship Fund – $500 – $2,500
Recognition at the quarterly meeting; recognition on the WPF LA website

Networking Events (TBD) – $500 – $2,500
Recognition at networking event; recognition on the WPF LA website

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